Too many lenguas, hombre. Je suis jaloux.

I know I haven’t updated in a while, so let’s see what I can remember…I think I left off on my weekend in Galway.

After a few weekends in a row of going on trips I took it easy for a weekend.  It was the first weekend that I’d spent entirely in Cork, which was a little weird considering I’d already been here for so long.  Of course it rained so I spent a lot of time inside but it was nice to finally just relax and just do nothing for once.  The nothingness didn’t last forever, though.  That Sunday was the Superbowl, and even though I am not a huge football person I always watch the Superbowl.  I went to a pub to watch it but the pub CLOSED after the first quarter.  That would NOT happen in the good old U S of A, but here in Ireland there is a law stating that pubs have to close by a certain time on Sunday, even during the most holy Superbowl.  Kickoff wasn’t until 11:30PM here, so I guess it was slightly reasonable that they closed.  I came back to my apartment building and went to a party that my neighbors were having which ended up not being so much football-watching and a lot more attempting to explain what was going on to the Irish guys that were there (and eating the delicious guacamole that my neighbors made).  The Irish guys were pretty entertaining and had no idea what was going on; it actually turned out to be the most fun I’ve ever had at a Superbowl party, including last year when I learned that you can make someone’s drink overflow from a glass bottle by hitting the top of it with another…and that was fun.

That week my friend Bettina, who is from Austria, had a bunch of friends from home visit and they were loads of fun.  They all spoke great English even though its not their first language.  Everyone I’ve met here (besides us unintelligent Americans) is fluent in at least two languages, if not more.  It makes me insanely jealous and completely amazes me.  At any given time at a party or on a bus I’ll hear conversations flowing in four different languages but then everyone suddenly starts speaking in English.  A lot of people from other countries are taking Irish, which I’m taking as well, but I don’t know if I could learn a foreign language from someone who is speaking yet another foreign language.  Sometimes I really just think Americans are dumb.  I mean, after 14 years of Spanish classes I can definitely hold my own in a conversation, but I’m definitely in the minority, and I still don’t have the same language capabilities as the people I’ve met here.  Basically I’m just jealous of these European brains and their linguistic abilities.  Sorry for that tangent.

In other news I finally made some Irish friends!  I met a guy who plays ultimate frisbee at UCC and I mistakenly blurted out something along the lines of “I play frisbee!” even though I really don’t.  I have played frisbee, not well I may add.  Actually, the most accurate thing I could have said was “my friends play frisbee.”  There.  Once upon a time when I had free time I went to frisbee intramurals and played with my friends, but I was much better at bringing them orange slices and watching their tournaments than actually playing.  Anyway where this is going is that I went to a practice here and met some of the people that play, and they’re all really nice!  They didn’t even mind that I can’t really throw a frisbee.  I’ve made pretty much 0 Irish friends since I’ve been here (I seem to only attract Americans and the occasional person from a random country) but my luck finally changed.  I ended up meeting them out a few times and even got to experience an Irish 21st, which I have to say, is much better than an American 21st.  Classier.  I’ll leave it at that.  Great craic!

Since I haven’t updated in so long there is much more to share, but I’ll do it in bits.  Stay tuned!


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